Doggy World Won Best Pet Hospital by Pet Fed
Health package for senior Dogs Doggy World Won Best Pet Hospital By Pet Fed

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Clinic For

Doggy world provides an array of veterinary services ranging from preventive health care, general health management, treatment, surgery, vaccination, dentistry etc. The clinic ensures high recovery rate. During treatment the handling of pets is done is most lovingly and humane manner. The most modern diagnostic facilities are available for precise diagnosis.

Health Management

Doggy world aim at making pet parenting an enjoyable process. This can be achieved only when a regular update regarding the care and management of dogs for all the stages is provided to the parents beforehand. Vets at doggy world regularly update the owners regarding the care and management during different pet stages.

Treatment For

Doggy world is a well-equipped centre with all the modern facilities to provide good treatment to the pets. Our aim is to provide a holistic approach for the speedy recovery. We have a team of qualified vets and paramedical staff to treat the specific conditions. Specific facilities are available for treatment and maintenance of all sorts of diseases.

Dog And
Pet's Training

Professional trainers are available on our panel that trains the dogs according to the needs of the owner. They regularly visit your place and train the pets in the presence of the owner which ensures that the dogs are trained in a loving manner and not by scolding or beating them. Trainers regularly update the owners about the progress of pet's and Dogs.

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Vaccination & wellness care

Make sure her vaccination for distemper, parvovirus and hepatises

Is up to date as this will ensure she passes on some immunity to the pups. This will give them some resistance to these diseases until they are old enough to be vaccinated themselves.

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Radiography & ultrasonography

Doggy world has tie up with the human pathologies Doggy world has tie up with

The human pathologies for the X ray. High Resolution digital X-ray on latest technology machines are done with immediate reporting facilities. Ultrasonography is performed in house by expert hands.

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Dental Care And Scaling

Dental care is very important in a pet's life. Normally the pet needs to be brushed

Regularly after attaining an age of approximately 3 month. If the pet is not brushed from that age he is reluctant to get brushed as he grows up.

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Doggy World gives facilities for all types of eye and ear examination. Doggy world provide

Professional examination and treatment for the same. Ophthalmoscope and echoscope are used for the examination of the eye and ear respectively. With the help of sophisticated equipment’s proper diagnosis of the type of infections of eye and ear

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Cancer Therapy

Doggy World has full facility for the treatment of all type of cancerous and benign tumours.

Doggy world's clinic is fully equipped for the diagnosis of tumours by biopsy and then treating it. Facility for chemotherapy as well as operations is available under the same roof.

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All veterinary prescription medicines can be obtained from Doggy World's

In-house medicine shop.