Doggy World Won Best Pet Hospital by Pet Fed
Health package for senior Dogs Doggy World Won Best Pet Hospital By Pet Fed

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Pet Boarding

Doggy World provides pet boarding facilities where your loved ones live in the homely environment. So when you are enjoying your holidays your dog also enjoys its outing. Affectionate and fully trained handlers are also available round the clock to keep your pets safe, well groomed and clean. Here the pets are not tied up in small cages. They are allowed to rest in their separate cabins and let loose to play and roam around the whole place. The place is well ventilated, clean and totally hygienic. It is centrally air conditioned to keep the pets in comfortable temperatures. Boarding is visited regularly by the veterinarian to evaluate the overall health of the dog. Diet and walk schedules are followed as per the pet’s regular routine so that no undue stress is levied on the pets.

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