Doggy World Won Best Pet Hospital by Pet Fed
Health package for senior Dogs Doggy World Won Best Pet Hospital By Pet Fed

Doggy World Services

Pet clinic

Doggy world provides an array of veterinary services ranging from preventive health care, general health management, treatment, surgery, vaccination, dentistry etc. The pet clinic ensures high recovery rate. During treatment the handling of pets is done is most lovingly and humane manner. The most modern diagnostic facilities are available for precise diagnosis. Doggy World has specialized surgeons to correct various surgical ailments. A well-equipped operation theatre is available to perform surgery in most hygienic and scientific manner.

Pet Clinic

Every puppy needs to be vaccinated against some deadly diseases and some diseases that can cause problems to the human beings also. For the same we make the schedules as per their age and regularly remind the owners for the timely and effective completion of the vaccination regimen. Owners can contact the vets at the clinic for making of vaccination schedules and vaccination packages.


every dog needs regular deworming for the removal of worms to ensure their proper growth. If worms are present they lead to poor health of the pet, hair fall, poor coat condition, discharge from eyes etc. for the same schedules are made and proper rotation of the medicines is done to prevent resistance development in the pets.

Ectoparasite management

Another important component of preventive medicine is prevention and management of ticks, fleas, lice etc. They are one of the most dangerous aspects of pet’s life as they transfer many dangerous diseases, cause local irritation and hamper the aesthetic look of the pet. They also give an unhygienic feeling to the owners.

Castration and spaying

As a pet grows an owner want it to mature in a dignified and obedient manner. For the same it is advisable to castrate the male dogs between 5-8 months of age to decrease aggression, decrease roaming and increase concentration and also decrease chances of herniation, perianal tumours, decrease prostrate tumours and to prevent chances of testicular tumours.

Health Management

Bringing home a new pup is very easy task but making him a part of a family is a very difficult and tedious job. It require a lot of responsibility and care to make him part of the family. Many things need to be taken care of like:
Pet Health Care And Management Services of puppy
This is the hassle free stage of the dog’s life where the pet is in the prime of its life. He is most active and healthy during this phase. But to maintain this phase for the longer time, delay the aging process and reduce the chances of diseases in older ages lot of management during this phase.
Maintenance during growth
As pets become senior citizen there are a variety of conditions and diseases that they face like weight and mobility problems, osteoarthritis; kidney, heart, and liver disease; tumors and cancers; hormone disorders such as diabetes and thyroid imbalance; and many others.
Senior citizen (aged animal) management
Summer is worst season for the pets. Their normal body temperature is very high in the range of 101- 102O F. Even a slight rise in the temperature can cause serious problems. Fresh water should always be available to avoid dehydration.
Management during summers